Candidate Classifications

Category 1 Candidate

A fully experienced gas operative possessing a gas fitting qualification or certificates of gas safety competence.

Category 2 Candidate

A Category 2 candidate is a candidate: -

  • already involved in a trade associated with gas work, e.g. plumbing.
  • who holds a nationally recognised qualification e.g. NVQ or City & Guilds craft certificate for the associated trade association.
  • who has ‘on the job’ experience working with a suitably qualified gas engineer.

Evidence of qualifications held will require to be produced.

To meet the Category 2 requirements the candidate will be required to provide written evidence confirming ‘On the Job’ experience of gas installation and/or maintenance under the direct supervision of a competent operative employed by a business that is authorised by the Gas Safe Register.

The evidence needs to be provided in the following forms, please download either our Domestic Category 2 Information Sheet or our Non Domestic Category 2 Information Sheet for the information required.

New to the Gas Industry

A candidate new to the Gas Industry may gain entry through our Basic Gas Utilisation course.

Ideally candidates should have an engineering or trade background.

Candidates will require to be sponsored by an employer who can support their training and provide ongoing work experience.

Candidates’ suitability for the course will be assessed on their individual circumstances.  As a first step we would therefore suggest that they contact us for an informal discussion.

Limited Scope Candidate

A limited Scope Candidate is an operative who requires partial qualification to work in a non-domestic gas environment, e.g. to work as a pipe fitter.

The candidate would be restricted from attaining full competence, and would require the assistance of a qualified engineer to complete his duties to the required regulatory standard i.e. the candidate cannot work with or connect appliances to a live gas supply.

Each candidate would be assessed individually and should contact us to discuss their circumstances.