Training & assessment for engineers wishing to work with oil.

OFTEC Category 1 Candidate

A candidate presenting for re-assessment holding OFTEC Certification in the area requiring re-assessment.

OFTEC Category 2 Candidate

A candidate with relevant skill/knowledge/experience – e.g. people who have already gained relevant experience in associated activities such as plumbing & heating, gas fitting etc.

Some service engineers etc. may already have the necessary manual skills, dexterity and may have sound engineering understanding, along with the ability to appreciate the concepts and principles. In this instance it will be necessary to submit written details of the candidates experience for evaluation. Alternatively the technician may also provide original relevant qualifications to support category 2 entry.

OFTEC Category 3 Candidates

A new entrant entering the industry with no prior experience or skills as a Category 2 candidate must either:

  • Train through an apprenticeship/NVQ/SNVQ;
  • or Seek other appropriate training giving a similar level of manual skills, knowledge and understanding which might include OFT 50.

While we would recommend that all candidates make use of the training, candidates may opt to progress direct to the assessment stage without the training. The assessment stage cannot be by-passed, as the candidates must be assessed on their knowledge and competence if they are to gain the recognised qualification.

The vast majority of OFTEC Category 2/3 Candidates should expect to be required to undertake the training element of the course.

  • £740.00

    Package - Combination of 101,105E & 600A courses

    Combination of 101, 105E & 600A courses

    Entry Qualification

    No formal qualifications required at present.

    OFTEC are reviewing the situation and a qualification requirement is expected to be introduced during 2010.


    • Training: 2 Days
    • Assessment:  2 Days


    Re-Assessment Domestic Core + Appliances costs cover up to 4 Appliances. If further appliances are to be renewed, a charge of £ 80 per appliance will be incurred.

    Additional appliances (not previously held) will be charged at £ 145 each.

    Registration Fees: In some instances registration fees will not be included.

    Current rates: Domestic £65, Non- Domestic £85, Unvented Hot Water £40, LPG £45, OFTEC £45

    All prices are subject to Vat @ 20 %

    Please note that training is not a pre requisite to assessment

    2 Days Training & 2 Days Assesstment
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