Why Non-Domestic Gas Safety Audits?

Commercial Gas Installations come in various forms, ranging from the industrial heating plant to individual appliances in shops etc. Whatever form they take, they are all subject to Health & Safety legislation and require to be maintained to a proper and acceptable standard.

If commercial gas installations come under your remit then you carry a burden of responsibility. No doubt you will be aware that accidents have occurred and know that when commercial gas goes wrong the consequences are often serious. Any incident will usually receive extensive publicity and will almost certainly be subject to an official investigation.

You may feel that you have adequate systems and procedures in place but: -

  • How safe is your gas installation? Are the installations up to the current standards?
  • If you use ‘in house’ engineers do they hold the proper qualifications?
  • If you have the misfortune to be involved in an investigation then these questions will be asked.

Instructing an independent gas safety audit of your premises will provide the answers to these questions. At the very least the audit will demonstrate that you are committed to health & safety and will underline your commitment to safety in the work place.